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Sheffield Canal Walk – City Centre to Tinsley

Sheffield Canal Walk Overview

A pleasant walk through some of Sheffield’s industrial history, following the Sheffield – Tinsley canal from the canal basin at Victoria Quays to Tinsley Marina and Meadowhall South, returning to Sheffield by the Supertram.

Distance: 4.13 Miles (6.6km)
Total Ascent: 70ft / 21m
Time: 1hr 41mins

The time is loosely based on Naismith’s Rule and will vary depending on the walker, and especially on this walk, the time taken exploring various points of the city.

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Getting There

Travelling by Car

If you are travelling into Sheffield by car there are a number of city centre car parks that you can use which are a short walk from the railway station

Travelling by Public Transport

The walk begins from the Sheffield railway station. If travelling by bus into the city, the bus interchange is opposite the train station.


Sheffield Railway Station to Sheffield Canal Basin

Beginning from the Sheffield Railway Station on Sheaf Street, walk into the station and up the stairs. Continue through the station to exit at the Supertram stop, and turn left, walking along the footpath beside the tram tracks.

At the track junction, follow the path across the tramlines and continue anti-clockwise to your left around the junction, crossing the tracks a second time then descending slightly to the pedestrian footbridge, signed “Victoria Quays”

A cobbled street leading into Victoria Quays, Shefield
The cobblestone street into Victoria Quays

Head across the footbridge and down the steps at the opposite side. Cross Wharf Street then bear right onto the curved cobbled street beside Terminal Warehouse. Follow the cobbled street around and into the Victoria Quays canal basin.

THe Straddle, an old grain unloading warehouse at Sheffield Canal Basin
The Straddle, an old grain unloading warehouse

Keep following the cobbles passing left of The Straddle, which was originally built to offload grain from barges. Walk across the lock and the footbridge to join the towpath on the right of the canal.

Sheffield Canal Basin
Sheffield Canal Basin

Sheffield Canal Basin to Darnall Road Aqueduct

Pass under bridges 1 and 2, the first modern, the second older. The next bridge, number 3, is Cadman Street Bridge – a listed building like a number of the bridges along the Sheffield to Tinsley canal.

Cadman Street Canal Bridge on the Sheffield Canal
Bridge No. 3 – Cadman Street Bridge

The next bridge you arrive at is No.4 – Midland Railway Bridge, an iron bridge dating from 1870, Shortly after bridge number 4, you pass the Bernard Road Incinerator – a waste incinerator which provides electricity and district heating. Although not the most scenic of views, you hardly notice it even though passing close to it The next bridge is the Bernard Road bridge, an unremarkable structure.

Around this area the walls host colourful murals which, as is the way with graffiti art, change often.

Graffiti along the Sheffield Canal
Colourful graffiti along the Sheffield Canal

The towpath continues along under Bacon Lane Bridge – you will need to duck down as you walk beneath the low brickwork arch. and on to Pinfold Bridge which is numbered 7.

After Pinfold Bridge are some later bridges, erected after the others were numbered.

7A carries the Sheffield Supertram which opened in 1994. 7B is a higher footbridge, and following that 7C, a brutalist, disused pedestrian bridge

The modern Supertram Bridge over the Sheffield Canal
The modern Supertram Bridge over the Sheffield Canal

As you continue along the canal, the numbering of the bridges continues, with number 8 a modern steel bridge.

Attercliffe Railway Bridge, number 9, crosses the canal next. An iron build bridge this crosses the canal at around 45 degrees.

The canal boat "Ethel" travels along the Sheffield-Tinsley canal heading towards Steffield
The canal boat “Ethel” travelling along the canal

The canal and towpath then cross an aqueduct over Darnall Road, after which you can see the tall masts of the English Institute of Sports to the left, then reach the moorings beside the Olympic Legacy Park

Darnall Road Aqueduct to Tinsley Marina

Pass the moorings and continue under Bridge 10A, Bayley Bridge – a modern build footbridge erected in 1993

Brown Bayley Bridge
Brown Bayley Bridge

After Brown Bayley Bridge, the canal turns slightly left and heads under the brickwork and iron Pothouse Bridge (No. 11) and then behind the Sheffield Arena.

After passing the Sheffield Arena you reach Broughton Lane footbridge. At this point the canal path switches to the left hand side of the canal. Approaching the bridge, turn right just before the canal narrows, turn left on Tinsley Park Road and left onto the cycle & foot bridge. Cross over the canal and turn right down the ramp to rejoin the canal on the left bank, then pass beneath bridge 12A, Sheffield Outer Ring Road Bridge.

The canal meanders behind the Centertainment leisure complex, with Sheffield Forgemasters behind that, to approach Tinsley Marina and the numerous locks of Tinsley Flight.

Tinsley Marina on the Sheffield Tinsley Canal
Boats at Tinsley Marina

Tinsley Marina to Meadowhall South

Continue along, passing locks 1, 2 & 3, passing beside a tall arched footbridge and below an iron railway bridge.

The locks of Tinsley Flight on the Sheffield Canal
The locks of Tinsley Flight on the Sheffield Canal

Pass locks 4 & 5. You will then start to see the Meadowhall shopping centre through the trees to your left. Continue past lock 6 then walk under bridge number 14 – Carbrook Bridge.

You then pass locks 7 & 8, then drop down under an old iron and concrete rail bridge. As the canal bends slightly to the left you can see the traffic of the M1 motorway crossing Tinsley Viaduct ahead.

A gas pipe bridge crosses the canal before you pass under Sheffield Road Bridge (No. 18)

Tinsley Viaduct
Tinsley Viaduct and the path to Meadowhall South to the left

The canal then turns to the right. As you approach the twin decks of Tinsley Viaduct, turn left up the curving, ramped path, signed “Meadowhall Supertram”. Cross over the footbridge and down the opposite side to the tram stop at Meadowhall South/Tinsley. Stay on the same side of the tracks for the Supertram service back into Sheffield.

Return to Sheffield Railway Station

Take the Supertram to the Fitzalan Square stop. Alight at Fitzalan Square, cross the tracks and walk away from the City Centre, across the bridge. Follow the footpath beside the tram tracks around to the right and retrace your steps from earlier back to the railway station.