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Higger Tor Walk & Burbage Brook from Millstone Edge & Surprise View

A pleasant walk over Higger Tor on Hathersage Moor with stunning views over Hathersage and the Hope Valley from the “Surprise View” car park

Close to Sheffield and taking around 2 to 2.5 hours with time for taking in the scenery this walk is perfect for a summer’s evening, never venturing too far from civilisation whilst the views of Burbage and Stanage mean the walk has a definite Dark Peak feel.

Higger Tor Walk Overview

Distance: 4 Miles (6.5km)
Total Ascent: 216m /710ft
Time: 2 hr
Map: Ordnance Survey OL1 (The Peak District – Dark Peak Area)
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The time is loosely based on Naismith’s Rule and will vary depending on the walker.

Getting There

By Car:

Pay & Display parking (free after 6pm) at the Surprise View car park on the A6187 between Sheffield and Hathersage – S32 2JA

Public Transport:

Bus Service 272 from Sheffield stops immediately beside the Surprise View car park. The 272 also connects Surprise View with Hathersage, the main bus stop just a short walk from Hathersage railway station.

Surprise View Car Park to Viewpoint

From the Surprise View car park, standing with the ca park entrance behind you go left to the gate at the far end of the car park, signed “Surprise View”

Walk up the clear path, travelling roughly in the same direction as the road off to your left. At the next gate (“Cherry’s Gate”) pass through and walk ahead about 30 metres to reach the Surprise View viewpoint which offers views down to Hathersage and along the Hope Valley and the many hills and tors on either side.

The Sheffield to Hathersage road heads down into the Hope Valley from the below the viewpoint as Surprise View. Heather carpeted moorland rises to the right and the hills of Hope Valley meet the sky in the far distance
Looking down to Hope Valley from Surprise View

Walk to Higger Tor from Surprise View

Turn back and return back through Cherry’s Gate. Turn left and follow the path beside the fence, as it heads towards the flat plateau of Higger Tor ahead.

The path dips down as it leaves the fence and winds its way across the moor with the stones of Mother Cap and Over Owler Tor to your right.  Continue along this path which eventually contours right as a stone wall comes into view.

A clear path on the Higger Tor walk from Surprise View leads towards the plateau which stands against the skyline ahead.
Millstone Edge path towards Higger Tor

The stone wall comes in from the left to join the path briefly then, as the wall turns left, continues straight ahead towards Higger Tor.  Ignore two paths heading down to the road to your left, staying on the main path as it climbs towards the foot of Higger Tor and up the left-hand side, spiraling up behind Leaning Block, the large leftmost rock then up to the top of the plateau.

Heather grows across the top of Higger Tor. A narrow path heads across the tor. Large gritstone boulders stand at the far end of the plateau.
Heather lines the plateau of Higger Tor

From Higger Tor Walk to Carl Wark

Head left along Higger Tor to the stones at the north end, then turn right on a clear path.  Pass to the RIGHT of a large stone engraved “RT 1932” and walk back along the top keeping close to the edge on your left to reach steps down to a clear path.  Head left along the path towards Carl Wark

A clear path heads across the moorland to the promontory of Carl Wark
Looking towards Carl Wark from Higger Tor

Carl Wark to Burbage Brook

Walk up the steps to the hill fort. On the top of Carl Wark, walk along to the very far end to reach a path that heads steeply down with naturally occurring steps.

(This descent can be a little tricky, especially in the wet, an alternative is to head back down the steps the way you came then turn right along a path which runs around and below the hill fort to join the path described below.)

The gritstone of Burbage Rocks stands against the horizon. A clear path runs along below the edge with a stone footbridge over a brook to the left.
Burbage Rocks from Carl Wark

The path heads towards a small bridge which you can see in the distance, heading through bracken and towards Burbage Brook below Burbage Rocks which you can see ahead of you.

Evening sunlight warmly illuminates the rocks of Burbage Rocks. Thick bracken lines the moorland below the edge.
Burbage Rocks at Sunset

Burbage Brook to Padley Gorge Head

Drop down to the bridge as you reach the end of a paved path. Cross this bridge and then a second bridge, keeping to the main path which bears slightly right and climbs to eventually meet another wide clear path running below Burbage Rocks. Turn right and follow this wide path until you pass through two gates to reach the main road.

Take care crossing the road to pass through the gate directly opposite, signed “Longshaw”.  Follow the main path to reach a waymarked path junction. Turn sharply right to head gently downhill. Pass through a gate then, after passing over a stream turn left down a cobblestone path leading down to a footbridge.

A footpath runs to the right of Burbage Brook
Following the path alongside Burbage Brook

Return to Surprise View

Cross the bridge and turn left, following the path alongside Burbage Brook. Pass a man-made dam and continue beside the brook until a path junction at a bridge with a fingerpost marked “Padley Gorge” pointing ahead.  Here, take the right-most path heading northwest at first. This clear path in a shallow gully climbs steadily uphill to reach the road close to the Surprise View car park.  Head left alongside the road back to the car park and the start.