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Hathersage Walk via Shatton over Offerton Moor

A pleasant 6.5-mile Hathersage walk along the River Derwent to the hamlet of Shatton, then climbing Offerton Moor. Returning via Leadmill Bridge this walk involves one strenuous climb, the remainder of the walk being fairly level.

Offerton from Hathersage Walk Overview

Distance: 6.58 miles (10.6km)
Total Climb: 1063ft/324m
Time: 3 hours 17 Minutes
The time is loosely based on Naismiths Rule and will vary depending on the walker.
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Getting There

By Car:

Start from the Pay & Display Car Park in Hathersage, on the B6001 (Grindleford Road)

By Public Transport:

Bus Service 271/272 serves Hathersage. Alight at the stop in the village on Main Road just before the B6001 junction. Walk west towards The George public house to pick up the walk. Hathersage is also served by rail on the Hope Valley line between Sheffield and Manchester.

From Hathersage Walk to the Stepping Stones

Leaving the car park by the entrance, turn right. Walk to the B6001 road and turn right. Follow the B6001 north, passing the Little John Hotel to the junction with the main Hathersage Road, opposite The George. Cross the road and turn left, walking to the next junction.

Head half-right up Jaggers Lane and continue straight ahead along the lane, passing a junction on your right. Keep going along the lane until you pass the last of the row of cottages on your left, with a millstone at the front. Turn left after the cottages through a hand gate and bear half-right down the field.

Cross the railway over two ladder stiles, then walk down the next field, leaving via a stile beside the main road. Carefully cross the road and pass through a hand gate. Bear half-right down the field and join the path with the river to your left.

A train runs along railway lines in the Hope Valley. The destination board reads 'Manchester Piccadilly'
Train near Hathersage by Andrew Hill, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shortly after crossing a stile, reach a path marker post. Turn left, descend the path to the river and cross the river by the stepping stones. Climb the opposite bank and turn right.

River Derwent & Shatton

After crossing the stepping stones, follow the path that runs alongside the river. The path is clear and easy to follow through numerous hand gates. The path eventually reaches a minor road over a stile.

Turn left up the lane which heads through the small hamlet of Shatton. Pass one road on the left and continue straight ahead. At the next junction, where the road forks with a “Ford” warning sign to the right, turn left and climb the hill.

The lane climbs steeply, turns to the left then curves to the right. Upon reaching a sharp right-hand bend in the lane, with a gate ahead-left, go through the gate following the “Public Bridleway” sign.

A gate in a drystone wall at the start of the public bridleway across Offerton Moor from Shatton Lane
Gated Bridleway Entrance off Shatton Lane by Jonathan Clitheroe, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Offerton Moor

Follow the obvious track heading roughly east for about a mile. When you approach Offerton Hall Farm, cross a stile and bear left down the quiet lane. The lane turns left as it approaches the main gates to the farm, left again then turns right in front of another set of gates.

After passing the farm, turn right through a gate marked with a “Public Footpath” post. Follow the grass track to another gate. Cross a stile and head down the field. Climb another stile and continue descending to the river. Arrive at the river, by the stepping stones that you crossed earlier. Do not re-cross the stones, instead turn right along the riverside path.

River Derwent & Leadmill Bridge

Follow the clear path with the river on your left. The path follows the course of the river, passing through numerous hand gates, In about 1.5 miles the path reaches the main road through a stone squeeze stile.

Turn left along the roadside path to cross Leadmill Bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn left again crossing a stile and through a gate. Follow the path beside a fence on your left until you reach a stile by a house. Cross the stile and turn right along the lane.

Pass beneath a railway bridge and reach a junction with the main road. Turn left to head back towards the car park. (If you arrived by train, instead take the road opposite signposted to the railway station. If you arrived by bus, turn left and follow the road until you reach the A625 and The George)

Two walkers head along a path between two fields. A fence runs alongside the path. The path heads to trees in the distance. Sheep graze in the leftmost field
Hathersage – field path from Leadmill by Dave BevisCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons